Saturday, February 11, 2012

MakerSpaceSD Meetup: 11 Feb

Another Saturday, and an appearance at the @MakerSpaceSD meetup at Lestat's on Adams.  We had a good showing today with about 10 folks total who showed up over the few hours we were there.  We have made some great strides in founding this MakerSpace with Tax ID, Bank Account, and Paypal account.  

We can now start collecting funds under the @MakerSpaceSD name, along with any donations that might come our way (PayPal) (at least I believe we can at this time, I may be wrong here). We have folks working on setting up a website which should be live soon. and I believe are the ones that we are going to get.  If these are wrong please advise so that I can change them up.

Thanks to one of our members we may have a home for a few months while we get ourselves setup.  Some of us will be taking a trip out there sometime tomorrow to check out the space and see how it fits.